This Weeks Eco-Fashion Quiz – Take it Now!

Theme of the Week: BAMBOO

Three Questions:

1) What fiber is the closest to bamboo in terms of processing?

2) Name one reason why bamboo may not always be environmentally friendly to process?

3) Name one company that sells 100% bamboo clothing?

Be the first to answer all three correctly and you win!

If you answer any one question correctly you will also be featured in the ‘winners circle’.

Email your answers to or simply post a comment.

Weekly Eco-Fashion Quiz Starts Today!

Green Cotton is launching a new feature today – the Weekly Eco-Fashion Quiz!

Be the first person to answer the following two questions correctly, and you will win the opportunity to be featured in a ‘spotlight interview’ on this website. Please either post your answer as a comment or send an email to The winner will be announced on Monday November 5th.

This week’s quiz questions:

  1. Who was the first major American apparel company to use organic cotton for their shirts?
  2. In what year did they request their suppliers to start using organic cotton?

Eligible participants: individuals, bloggers, companies, or non-profits with an interest in eco-fashion.

The first person or company to answer correctly will win the opportunity to be featured in an online interview and/or have your company, eco-fashion interests or products highlighted on this site.

Hint: if you dig, the answer is somewhere on this site!


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