Green Cotton Has Moved!

Green Cotton has moved to a new url –!

We are still powered by WordPress, but are operating under our own url on a new host, with lots of new exciting features. For the latest news and information, please visit the new home.

We just posted a terrific series of articles on synthetic v.s natural dyes so come check us out!

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Welcome to a New and Improved Green Cotton

Over the weekend, Green Cotton underwent some significant upgrades that I am very excited about and would like to share with you:

1)    Green Cotton’s new domain. We switched to a new host so now we have the exclusive domain of Yay! (Please update your bookmarks.)

2)    If you were using an RSS feed for Green Cotton, please resubscribe to the new site. The original WordPress-hosted blog ( will no longer be updated.

3)    We added the ‘Add to Any’ feature to individual posts. In line with the latest media sharing tools, Green Cotton now has the capability for readers to share any of the posts with whomever they like using social networking and media bookmarking tools (such as, Facebook, Digg, MySpace and others). Pick the one of your choice. Please check out this feature (at the bottom of every post) and let us know what you think.

4)    Green Cotton joins Facebook. There is now a Green Cotton group on Facebook devoted to building an online community interested in eco-fashion and sustainability. While this group is an extension of the blog – (e.g., sharing snip-its of various posts we do) it will also include much more. There is a discussion board, the wall, and we want this group to be interactive. We want to hear from you. Join up and let us know what you think– what issues should be covered etc. The discussion topic of the day is on Factory Green and web 2.0 hitting the apparel industry – tell us what you think.

5)    The other place to check us out on Facebook is the Green Cotton page. This page is a great place to get up to date info on the blog and find out about new articles and companies we are reading about.  Come join us!

One of Green Cotton’s goals is to foster an online community passionate about the environment, fashion, style and sustainability. We’d love to hear from you– through our comments board, email, on facebook or elsewhere). Tell us what is on your mind and what’s new or hot in your neck of the woods.

(Note: comments have been disabled on this WordPress-hosted blog. Please go to the new Green Cotton Blog and post your comments there.)

About Green Cotton

Green Cotton is a website to gather, review, analyze and publish information on the eco-apparel industry. Not limited to green or organic cotton, the site includes posts on all emerging eco-friendly fabrics, products, stores and individuals. Green Cotton includes information on bamboo, soy, jute, hemp, ramie, and recycled fabrics in addition to organic cotton. Factors that contribute to successful companies including the pioneering individuals are also featured.

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